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Episode 8: The Definitive Top 10 Worst National Team Kits Ever

Published: 13 November 2018. Special guests: Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 2h 05m.

You'll remember that in Episode 7, we compiled a Top 10 of the 'Worst Football Kits Ever', and hot on the heels of that, we this time look at the Top 10 'Worst National Team Kits Ever.' Note the use of quotes there - it's not our belief, necessarily. We're just commenting on what the internet believes.

Joining Chris Oakley this time is Jay from and Rich Johnson from Together, questions are posed such as 'Which shirt makes a mannequin look like it has saggy boobs?', 'When does winter start?' and 'What would be the consequence of random shirt testing?' We also assess the five worst goalkeeper kits and update you on what Jay NOW believes is the worst thing ever.



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Terry Duffelen, Denis Hurley and Rich Nelson.

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Chris Oakley.


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