The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 14: Women's World Cup 2019

Published: 16 April 2019. Special guests: Jay ( and Rich Johnson ( Duration: 1h 50m.

Among a welter of international football tournaments taking place during 2019 was the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019, so who better to run the rule over the best and worst kits than The Kitbliss Podcast?

Many of the 24 competing teams launched new strips and we singled out our favourite three home editions, plus our favourite away kits, top ensembles and our least favourite kits too.

But wait - there's more! (Damn - I must stop watching those infomercials...)

There's also a bumper news section which has a distinctly Brazilian flavour, Brian Clough anecdotage aplenty and a comedy-themed men's outfitters that may, or may not, be the makers of Thailand's kits for the Women's World Cup. Probably not, in reality, but we can dream, at least.

With apologies for the occasional audio issues that were beyond our technical control, we present not only our fourteenth podcast, but also an accompanying crib sheet that will give you some idea of what the Women's World Cup kits looked like. Enjoy...


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