The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 15: New kits for 2019-20 (Part 1)

Published: 23 May 2019. Special guests: John Devlin ( and Rich Johnson ( Duration: 2h 13m.

If you're a fan of football kits, you'll know that May is the start of the busy season when countless teams launch their new editions for the next campaign. And in an attempt to prove that we're a hard-hitting, no-nonsense source of news and opinions, The Kitbliss Podcast has recorded a two-hour edition that rounds up all the latest new kit launches, especially for you.

Among our many targets for analysis, John Devlin wonders whether Liverpool should base their next kit design on some old dustbins outside Anfield, Rich Johnson wonders whether contour lines from a map are a worthy inspiration for a football shirt, while I, Chris Oakley, come over all unnecessary at the sight of some green and black smoke. It takes all sorts, I suppose.

Elsewhere, we bring you all the latest on Luton Town's attempts to help pregnant women, plus Manchester United's Dymotastic new shirt for 2019-20. And if that isn't enough to satisfy you, there's also a crib sheet to provide visual assistance as you listen in to Episode 15 of The Kitbliss Podcast.



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