The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 16: New kits for 2019-20 (Part 2)

Published: 29 June 2019. Special guests: John Devlin (, Jay ( and Rich Johnson ( Duration: 2h 27m.

Carrying on the work laid down in the previous episode, we bring you more news, views and opinions about the tidal wave of new kits coming out for the 2019-20 season.

And BOY do we have opinions. We wag a critical finger at Dundee for their shirt sponsor fail, snigger sarcastically at Greenock Morton's away kit (featuring skirt-shorts and integral groin bulge) and shake a fist at the veritable insult that is Newcastle United's home kit inspiration.

There's also a lengthy discourse on whether the trend for LGBT rainbows on football kits has reached peak effectiveness, plus Rich loses the power to speak understandable English. Again. Oh, and there's a belated attempt to censor out the horrendous language heard throughout. Probably should have done that from Episode 1 onwards, actually. Bugger.

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