The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 18: True Colours Baggsy

Published: 24 August 2019. Special guests: Jay ( and Rich Johnson ( Duration: 1h 34m.

Yes, folks, it's the game that's sweeping the planet* and in this episode, we're playing it!

Having decided that we shouldn't work too hard at being a hard-nosed source of news and topical talking points, we decided to do something silly instead. The game in question is True Colours Baggsy and you're invited to play along at home, especially if you have a copy of John Devlin's acclaimed book, True Colours (volume 1).

Joining me, Chris, for this nostalgia-filled episode of fun and frivolity are Jay from and Rich Johnson. Together, the three of us pick the kits we'd like to own from several randomly-chosen pages of John's book.

Along the way, we discover what it's like to *almost* go to the FA Cup Final, which member of the podcast team is most likely to turn down a knighthood from the Queen, and which of us is particularly partial to a packet of Rib N Saucy Nik Naks.

There's also some kit news, listener feedback and occasional casual swearing (although most of it's censored, thankfully).

(* Utterly unjustifiable statement)


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Terry Duffelen, Trym Hogner, Denis Hurley, Les Motherby, Rich Nelson, Neil Rawlings, Jonathan Smith, Kheng Lai Tan and Rik Keepers-Heath.

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Jay (, Josie Kingston, Nick Sindt and Chris Nee.

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Chris Oakley.


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