The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 20: A-League 2019-20

Published: 11 November 2019. Special guests: John Devlin (, Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 1h 58m.

In this edition we're primarily looking at the kits you'll find on show during this seaon's A-League competition.

We've not really looked at football kits 'down under', but that's probably because we were afraid of the casual Aussie stereotypes that were bound to work their way onto the podcast. As it turns out, those fears were well founded as we couldn't help but mention stuff like lager swilling and barbies while attempting truely awful Australian accents. Pathetic.

Anyway, we did focus long enough to bring you a lengthy assessment of those A-League kits, picking our best and worst in our customary fashion.

There's also a big 'ol chunk of Kit News in which we discuss the glut of recently-released international kits, plus there's casual talk of instant mashed potato, Shrinky Dinks and Ben Kingsley. And you wonder why we haven't been nominated for a podcast award yet...



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