The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 23: J-League 2020

Published: 26 January 2020. Special guests: Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 1h 56m.

Japan: Land of sushi, judo, origami and The Rising Sun. It's also where you'll find J-League football and all the amazingly varied kits within it. On episode 23 of The Kitbliss Podcast, our job is to highlight the best of those kits, and to ponder why so many Japanese team names have an Italian influence. Coincidence?

Joining Chris on this podcast are Jay and Rich, both of whom know a cartoon stetson when they see one. Various questions are asked, for instance 'Is 'configurated' an actual word?', 'Which is better - an English bulldog or a French bulldog?' and 'Are we all technology has-beens if we've not used Tik Tok before?'

To guide you through the unfamiliar waters of J-League football kit design, we've got another crib sheet for you to download, plus there's Kit News, swearing a-plenty and corny jokes that barely warrant repeating.

As ever, download and enjoy...



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Terry Duffelen, Trym Hogner, Denis Hurley, Les Motherby, Rich Nelson, Neil Rawlings, Jonathan Smith, Kheng Lai Tan and Rik Keepers-Heath.

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Chris Oakley.


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