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Episode 26: Football Shirt Logos

Published: 4 June 2020. Special guests: John Devlin (, Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 2h 1m.

Logos. They're everywhere, aren't they? They're on buildings, cars, food packaging... why they're even on this website. Football shirts are no exception, of course, but that's because football kit manufacturers want you to buy lots of their lovely products. Yet would we still buy a great football shirt if it didn't have a logo on display?

This is our opening foray into the world of the humble football shirt logo, taking in all points from A-Line to Zoo. Along the way, we stop to wonder whether there's much difference between O'Neil and O'Neills (apart from an S, obviously), whether the new Macron logo features the guy from the Save the Children logo on his day off and why has no-one ever worn U-Win kits apart from Nottingham Forest given the obvious good luck they brought them?

There's also a monster Kit News section which (and here you might be surprised) is dominated by Scottish clubs, all the usual flim-flam, plus news of a new online vote that I'll be talking about here on Patreon in greater detail very soon. Oh, and you'll be needing the accompanying crib sheet, too.

At just over two hours long, it's all you need to get you through just over two otherwise boring hours of your life. Enjoy...



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