The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 29: World Cup 1990

Published: 9 September 2020. Special guests: Rich Johnson ( and Jay ( Duration: 2h 45m.

June 1990. Rich was getting work experience with British Telecom. Jay was still at school. Chris, meanwhile was busy buying huge quantities of blank VHS tapes. Why? Because the 1990 World Cup was about to start!

In this episode of The Kitbliss Podcast we're going back 30 years to that exciting time when FIFA's 14th world football cavalcade was unfolding before our very eyes. It was an interesting tournament, not least because of the kits we were seeing on our TV screens.

But were those kits any good, and have they aged well over the last three decades? Here's where you'll get our take on everything from England's overhyped home kit to the greatest football shirt ever.

Along the way we also pause to remember Fido Dido, Ruud Gullit's grasp of the English language (which, it should be noted, is so much better than our grasp of Dutch), and the beautiful kit worn by Tunisia.

(Wait... were Tunisia even in the 1990 World Cup?)

There's also lots of listener feedback, mild swearing, yet more new kits for 2020-21 and corny jokes aplenty, but then you probably don't need us to tell you that by now.

A crib sheet, I hear you ask? Why certainly - download it here and be reminded of all those lovely Italia 90 football kits.

Godere, as they say in Bologna...



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