The Kitbliss Podcast

Episode 34: Change One Thing...

Published: 6 October 2021. Special guest: Rich Johnson. Duration: 1h 35m.

How often have you ever thought a football shirt would be much better if one thing about it was different? Here on The Kitbliss Podcast, we're thinking that all the time (don't judge us). To see if our instincts are right, we decided to put our theory to the test...

We've taken some examples of great and not-so-great football shirt designs and tried to improve them by suggesting one simple change. It might sound easy, but it turns out some shirts are seemingly unimprovable - even those that are regularly voted among the worst ever made.

Did we succeed in proving our superiority to all those highly-paid shirt designers, or did we regret even thinking the whole idea up in the first place? Download Episode 34 (with special guest Rich Johnson) to find out...




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