The Kitbliss Podcast

Extra Episode 4: The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts

Published: 20 April 2020. Special guests: Rich Johnson, John Devlin (, Jay ( Duration: 2h 16m.

You wait ages for one Kitbliss podcast to come along about football kit books and then... well, you can guess the rest.

As previewed recently in Kitbliss Podcast Extra 3, we turn our attention towards Rich Johnson's new book, The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts and discover what it takes to turn a shirt collection of 700 or more into 200 pages of superb content.

We learn how Rich got into shirt collecting, try to work out why he's developed a liking for the stranger end of the shirt spectrum and discover the fine art of categorisation. There's also many an opportunity to pick out our favourite shirts from the book, some of which feature prawns, beer, internal bodily organs and enough meat products to make a master butcher feel inadequate.

If that wasn't enough, we ponder on what happens when embroidery goes bad, provide full details on our preferred stockist for Third Reich-themed soft furnishings and find out the natural successor to Brangelina and Jedward in the football kit world...

So if football shirt collecting is your thing and you have a taste for the wacky and way-out, why not listen in to our latest podcast and better still, buy yourself a copy of The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts...



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Terry Duffelen, Trym Hogner, Denis Hurley, Les Motherby, Rich Nelson, Neil Rawlings, Jonathan Smith, Kheng Lai Tan and Rik Keepers-Heath.

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Jay (, Rich Johnson, Nick Sindt and Chris Nee.

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