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Special Episode 3: Les Motherby interview

Originally published: 17 July 2019. Republished: 16 March 2022. Special guest: Les Motherby. Duration: 1h 20m.

In this, our third special episode that was originally recorded for Patreon followers only, Les Motherby is the guest to discuss his lifelong love of Hull City Football Club and their kit history.

There are few people who know as much as Les when it comes to Hull's kits, which means he's just the right person to ask about *that* tiger print shirt from 1993-94, as well as the lesser-discussed follow-up from 1994-95. Is the 'Worst Shirt Ever' brigade focusing on the wrong target for their ire? Les gives his views...

We also discuss Hull City Kits, the website Les has carefully and diligently put together over many years, and his exhibition of Hull shirts that formed part of the 2017 UK City of Culture celebrations. There's even time to put one vital matter to bed once and for all: Should Hull City wear striped shirts or plain shirts? Once again, Les tells it like it is...

If you enjoy listening to this interview with Les Motherby, you'll be interested to know that he's gone on to create a podcast of his own with Denis Hurley and Gav Hope called The Football Kit Podcast. It's well worth a listen for news and opinion on all that's happening in the world of football kit design.




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